Sunday 30 October 2011

All Ready For The Ghosts And Goblins!

I do believe I'm ready for all the pirates, princesses, witches, ghosts and Lady Gaga's that will roam the streets (all two of them) in my village.  The farm kids will come for the easy pickins in the village and we have a couple  dozen kids who live in town.  I can hear the sighs from those of you who have to stock up for many, many more.

Here, we will pretend we don't know who is inside the costume.  The little ones don't seem to notice that we visit with the parents like old friends.  When a girl I've known most of her life brought her little girl here to trick or treat last year, the tiny princess took herself on a little tour of the house.  She turned to me at the door and said, "I like your house.  I really like it!"  Any pre-schooler who is more interested in the furnishings than candy just has to grow up to be a decorator!

The fall wreath is spooked up with the simple addition of a sparkly spider ~

Luckily, I had a visit today from my crafty niece Camryn and she cut out silhouettes I downloaded from The Graphics Fairy.  Click the button on my sidebar for tons of free images.  Camryn glued the images to paper bags to go on the porch with battery operated candles inside.  Let me know if you need to borrow my niece for your last minute decorating. ~

I showed her how to make her own witch's wand (see DIY post Witches Ball) and she didn't burn herself with the glue gun.  That's more than I can say for myself!

The candy is bagged and in bowls ~

My pumpkin crop was a true failure this year and only yielded one sad, little green specimen.  I bought a larger pumpkin and cut off the top.  The little green pumpkin sits on that and is the head.  A couple of sticks are the arms.  He's sort of a cross between a Jack-O-Lantern and a snowman.  Snumpkin?

Now, all I have to do is rake a path through the leaves to the door!

Before they get here though, the trick or treaters must pass by my neighbour's place and that is the real scary part!

Happy Hallowe'en from the country!


  1. Beautiful! I love the Sumpkin! He's so cute!

  2. Fantastic! You did a great job! We don't get any trick or treaters, so you do better than us! Have a wonderful day!