Tuesday 25 October 2011

Now This Is What I Call Versatile!

 In the interest of thrift, I have dyed my own hair.  I was expecting a warm shade of chestnut brown.  Instead, I have managed to turn my hair black.  While this may be quite desirable for the upcoming Hallowe'en festivities, I don't think it is really a good look for me.

I sure wasn't going to attempt cutting my own hair after that fiasco and headed off to the hairdresser in the closest town to me.

The hair salon is across from the dam on the Grand River.  The fast flowing water is a great fishing spot and anglers come from miles around to fish.

Across from the dam is the Caledonia Bait and Tackle.  So far, there is nothing unusual in the set up.

My hairdresser and her husband own the bait and tackle shop.  Her hair salon is in their house next to the shop.  Hence we have Perms And Worms. ~

I think that is a little unusual.

A couple of weeks ago, my sister and I bumped into the hairdresser at our local Salvation Army Store.  She had been watching a Nate Berkus show on working with thrift store finds and decided to see what was available.  We pointed out a large picture frame with a particularly hideous print and suggested turning it into a  message board.

Today, she showed us her handy work.  All her clients love it! ~

She left the frame original and painted, with chalkboard paint, right over the "artwork".  The total cost was under $20.  This is hung right across from the styling mirrors so no one will miss her notices.  I love it!

That's one girl who's not afraid to think outside the box!

ps ~ Wouldn't this be great hung the other way by the freezer?  You can add and delete items easily and always know what is stored inside!

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  1. She really should start blogging! Did you know that everything in her wee salon is from a garage sale or a thrift shop? That's one creative girl!