Tuesday 4 October 2011

All A Matter Of Perspective

On Sunday, the most important things in my world were finishing my decorating before our Canadian Thanksgiving next weekend and doing a chalk paint treatment on a dresser.

By Monday morning I was in a state over my well pump acting up.

By Monday afternoon all these things were forgotten when my daughter called for help with her sick baby.  She has been back at work for a month after her maternity leave ended, daddy is in NYC working on a film and she and the baby have just recovered from Norwalk flu.  Now, baby Stella has double ear infections and mommy can't take any more time off work.

So, I go to one city to take a bus to a bigger city and hop in a cab to her apartment where I find this ~

One day later Stella is on the mend and moving around at her usual high speed pace! Fifteen (I'm not exaggerating!) shots turn out like this before I can get her to stay still ~

Back to happy fuzzy top ~ 

Anyone under the age of forty, please take note of 'Grandma's' bed in the background. Unless you are in college and attending nightly frat parties, you do not enjoy sleeping on a futon!  I don't even like looking at futons!

Tonight, I am home with my own bed and my own concerns and I have left mommy looking a little more rested and baby Stella looking like this ~

I've been reading blogs for quite a while and I know what kind of people are in blog land.  Every one of you would say hang the dresser, the decorating and the pump.

Because, you all have the right perspective!


  1. She is darling, and I'm so glad she's on the mend. Your daughter is lucky to have you to help out...our kids' nearest grandparents are 8 hours away and that's definitely left us in a few tight binds!

  2. Thanks Kristybelle! I love compliments on my grandchildren. I tip my hat to all you working moms!

  3. Aawww, LUCKY wee Stella (and lucky Stella's MOM!) to have her Grammie close enough for hugs and kisses. I SO envy you. I live in Halifax and all my grand-boys live in Ottawa, so I see then 4-5 times a year...NOT enough!! I cackled about the's beyond me how ANYONE can manage a comfortable night's sleep on those things!

  4. My daughter and first two grandchildren lived in Halifax for 5 yrs. so I know what it's like to be so far away Deborah!