Tuesday 1 November 2011

Copying Pottery Barn Christmas Style

I've been joining in on Debbiedoos Blogging And Blabbing weekly link party for newbies. It's a great chance to show off the projects I've been working on for my blog.

This week, it's time to show Debbie I can be a big girl now and I'm entering her Magazine Copycat Challenge!  Like every other interior decorator out there, I'm shameless about copying someone else's work.  How else would trends get started?

I've decorated Christmas tour houses for charity events for about a dozen years and it's always been important to show high end, over the top styling along with super inexpensive designs.  Everyone is attending with the thought of getting new ideas for their Christmas decorating at whatever budget level they are comfortable with.

I'm copying the Pottery Barn (most ripped off company out there!)  Christmas ad from the November issue of Style At Home magazine.  Here's the inspiration ~ 

Since I just decided to do this challenge last night and today is the deadline, I had to put it together with what I had on hand.  The key elements were silver, birch bark and burlap with white and green accents.

I had a silver tray and pieces of birch wood.  I did not have pillars covered in birch.  Hmmm - what to do?  I had a piece of birch bark that had peeled off my trees and I had a cat food can.

I used some Podge-it to stick the bark to the can and taped it there until it dried.  This wasn't the best idea since the tape pulled some of the bark off with it.  I'd suggest using something that isn't metal for the base and it will be much easier.

The silver reindeer posed another challenge.  I did have a brightly coloured tin one and a can of silver spray paint. ~

You would think the silver orb would be hard to find but I bought one at Home Hardware a couple of years ago.  It has the look of aged mercury glass and I figured a battery operated tea light would fit inside for some drama. ~

I rooted through my Christmas bins and came up with three green pine trees, some pine cone tree ornaments and frosted votive holders with reindeer motifs.  In place of the silver trees in the inspiration shot, I used a tree topper stuck in a tarnished silver candle holder.

A pinecone popped in a battery operated, tree trunk candle holder replaces their pinecone candle.  In place of burlap, I used a piece of painter's drop cloth.  I'm getting a lot of mileage out of that $16 dropcloth!  It has covered a chaise lounge cushion, made four placemats and is a table runner.  I did have to go with an empty glass as I was completely out of champagne.

I think this comes pretty close to the mark, don't you? ~

What works about this look is something we call creating tension in the decorating biz.  Putting rustic elements together with formal items, such as silver and crystal, is unusual and catches your attention.

With some spray paint you can turn the cheesiest dollar store ornaments or plastic kids toys into high fashion Christmas ornaments.

I'm off to Debbiedoos Blogging and Blabbing to see if she'll let me play with the big kids now!


  1. Love the look - good work

  2. This is beautiful! Great work in such a short time. What talent you have Maureen!


  3. WOW, now that is inspiring and on a dime. My kinda of projects here. I love it, and yes you are right Pottery barn is the most ripped off magazine...don't they know we can do it for much less LOL! Thanks for sharing and joining in. I look forward to more in the future.

  4. I appreciated you 'musty drawer' Rosemary Essential Oil suggestion comment. I'm off to buy some tomorrow.
    Great vignette with details. I'm off to check Debby's blog now.
    - JOy

  5. Thanks everyone! Over the next month, I'll post some of the Christmas tour house pics so you can pluck ideas.

  6. It looks absolutely beautiful! You made me want to run out and stock up on silver spray paint for sure! Love your tip on combining the rustic with the formal - I'm just now figuring that out and certainly haven't perfected the blend yet.

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