Sunday, 27 May 2012

A Wonderful Surprise In The Mail!

I'm just off a three day marathon in my rental renovation.  My sister and I went through 7 gallons of stain painting the garage and shed!  I think a whole gallon of it wound up on me!  My sister and brother, their spouses and I worked at break neck speed on the grounds and outbuildings, while the dry weather held, and took today off to recuperate.

I picked up my mail, that had been sitting in the box since Friday, and was so excited to see a parcel from my bloggy friend, Fiona!  She lives in West Sussex, U.K. and writes a wonderful blog that I stalk follow, called Just Paint It White.  The title is a little misleading because Fiona does faux finishes and murals for a living.  She has the most amazing eye for turning ocean flotsam and found articles into decorative home decor accents.  I should have a whole Pinterest board titled, Things Fiona Made That I Want To Copy!  Just click on the title of her blog for an inspiration tour.

I love the customs declaration of contents.  I can just imagine agents wondering why someone would send a bag of twine all the way from England to Canada! ~ 

Inside the bag with the charming, vintage images are two items wrapped in tissue and raffia and a card. ~

Fiona has told me there will be two identical presents.  I'm to keep one for myself and pass the other along to anyone I feel deserves a gift.  The Pass It On Project was started by Karah at The Space Between to spread a little happiness around.

So what's inside the tissue paper? ~

It's a handmade, burlap bag trimmed and accented with blue and white fabric.  She chose the fabric to go with my blue willow dishes!

Here's where the ball of twine comes into it. ~

This is a holder for kitchen twine.  Can you believe I meant to buy twine and forgot it twice this week?  Now, it is always close at hand and charmingly displayed!

Hmmm - what to do with the one I'm to give away.  Wendy from HerBallistic Garden has invited me to dinner tonight and her sister-in-law will be there, too.  Her sister-in-law is a kind and generous person and I think perfect to receive this gift.

She was absolutely delighted with it and I got all the hugs for Fiona's thoughtfulness!

The Pass It On Project made two people very happy today!  I'll be passing it on in blogland and who knows who it will reach next!

Thanks, Fiona for making our day!