Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Lose Weight And Feed Your Brain!

Now that I've talked about the possibilities in prevention and treatment of Alzheimer's by consuming coconut oil, let's see how to get it into our diets!  I am totally unfamiliar with this oil and have a big learning curve in figuring out how and when to use it.

Then, I remembered that my good friend Wendy, from HerBallistic Garden, already uses it in her home.  Being the sweetie that she is, she agreed to guest post and show us how she makes yummy and really low calorie popcorn.  I had this at her house one night and, even though I'm a big butter girl, I loved it!  Thanks, Wendy for sharing!

On the heels of Maureen’s last post
Hope For Alzheimer's Disease?, she has asked me to guest blog about
how we use Coconut Oil in our house!

I’m Wendy from HerBallistic Garden and not only am I Maureen’s fellow blogging friend,
but also her neighbour and I consider her to be a great friend!

One night when Maureen was over I made her our latest discovery....
Popcorn made with
Maison Orphee Organic Coconut Oil!

The reason this popcorn is so darned great with the Coconut Oil,
is because you pop it in the oil....
I use the stovetop method for popping - the same one I grew up using....
but with this oil, NO BUTTER IS REQUIRED!
It is soooo delicious, you just need to sprinkle some salt on and it
has this wondrous buttery flavour with only a hint of coconut to it.
In fact, if you didn't tell someone what the flavour was, they probably would be hard-pressed
to figure out what that budding flavour on their tongue was!

You can buy this "Maison Orphee"
cold pressed Virgin Coconut Oil at a Health Food store or a kitchen store as I did.

While I was there speaking with the owner, she told me
that women actually do need butter and oils like coconut oil because it enables us to process
vitamins and minerals in our bodies better!
Now Maureen has let us know about an exciting breakthrough with Alzheimers’ patients using coconut oil daily that can help with memory loss!

I'm all for helping my body function better!
Get the popcorn out!  Yay!

Click on the title of Wendy's blog to see tons of garden, crafting, antiquing and cooking ideas.  You'll love it!