Sunday, 13 May 2012

Because Of You, Mom!

Because you graduated from high school top of your class, knowing you had no chance of further education, I learned to do my best, regardless of the rewards. ~

You were the best waitress, then riveter, then telephone operator you could be and taught me to take pride in whatever work I was doing.

Because you taught yourself how to drive on a borrowed Model T Ford, and got your licence the day you turned sixteen, I learned girls are not frail, hot house flowers and can do anything boys can do. ~

Because you loved your dogs and cats, I learned to care for all God's creatures and my home wound up looking like this. ~ 

Because you spent years as a leader and trainer with the Girl Guides of Canada, I learned to cook over an open fire, fashion just about anything from lashing cord, paddle a canoe, splint a broken arm, care for a home and do good deeds.

Because you wanted to live in Northern Ontario and were willing to work nights and care for your children in the day, while Dad went to Teacher's College for a year, I lived in one of the most beautiful spots on earth. ~

I watched beaver build dams, swam, canoed and explored miles of forest.  I picked blueberries and cranberries, caught fish and studied bears.  I was free and unfettered from eleven to sixteen.  There were no social classes, no in groups and no competition over clothes.  Warm was good, cold was bad.  That was about it for style.

Because you always had room at your table for strangers and friends, I met missionaries and farmers, professional athletes and artists, professors and forest rangers and learned that everyone is interesting and knowledgeable in some way.

You read and I read; you wrote and I wrote.  If you had stayed with us a little longer, I know you would have blogged and loved it!

Because of you, I am me!

Thanks, Mom!  I miss you!