Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Cleaning Products For The Tough Jobs

After someone mistook this clean window for a new hole in the wall, I thought I should let you in on what worked best on cleaning up the mess in my rental. ~

My friend, Wendy, brought me some Invisible Glass that she buys at Costco and it truly is streak free! ~

The kitchen cabinetry was brand new and we wanted to bring it back as close to that as possible.  These pics don't really show just how grimy they were! ~  

  I set aside my environmentally conscious side and started in with this. ~

It took off the surface dirt, but didn't touch the gummy stuff or the stains.

I expected to use a Magic Eraser on the red dye as the final stage of cleaning.  Did you know there are no chemicals in Magic Erasers?  They are made of melamine particles and work by sanding the area.  I never did have to go them, because the job was done with good old baking soda paste. ~

And the all time best degreaser on the market?  I mean, this stuff chewed through more grease on the range hood than you can imagine!  You know the stuff I keep using for image transfers on fabric?  Uh huh, Citrosolv!!!  My sister was raving about it while she cleaned the top of the cupboards! ~

It still took two of us five hours to clean this kitchen, but I swear by baking soda and Citrosolv now!

That's all the product testing I plan on doing this month, so I don't want any companies sending me samples of their cleaning products!  Wouldn't that just be my luck right now?