Thursday, 3 May 2012

Sentiment vs Selling

There have been some really tough decisions to make in putting my rental into shape for selling it.  I have to set aside my feelings about this property having been my parents beloved home.  I have to set aside my love of history and the preservation of old buildings.  I have to forget that this was the general store in the village that I call home.  If I don't retrofit and stage this place, with the goal of appealing to the largest market of buyers, it may not sell.  If it doesn't sell, it may well take me down financially.

I'm a certified and experienced staging professional, but that doesn't make it any easier when you are the owner!  Letting go is hard to do!  (I feel a Neil Sedaka song coming on here.)

The decision to remove the big, black and gold fan my parents installed was easy.  I always hated that huge spider  in the middle of the ceiling!  But, what about the tongue and groove ceiling itself? ~

Heresy to cover it up in my books!  My brother argued that it had been badly patched many times, over the years, where holes had been cut for stove pipes. ~

It showed obvious signs of the roof leaking and, although we did replace the roof last year, that's a turn off to buyers.  It would need to be sanded before repainting and we would need to try to match the wood to redo the old patches.  Worst of all, it didn't go all the way to the walls.

Three layers of wood made a messy and weird cove moulding around the room.  Big box store cove isn't deep enough to cover the gap. ~

The old squirrel nest is a nice touch, don't you think?

Here's were I lose my shabby chic blogging credentials but keep my Canadian Staging Professional ones.  We left the ceiling there and it is strapped, ready for drywall.  (That's Sheetrock for my American friends) ~

If, at some time in the future, someone undertakes a restoration of the building, they only have a few extra screw holes to deal with.

If you are keeping a tally, that's one for me (reopening the old staircase door), one for my sister-in-law  (removing the fake brick wall) and one for my brother (covering the ceiling) and one for my sister (pulling the sub floor up in the second story to expose the wood floors).