Sunday, 3 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee Breakfast Table

While some will watch tomorrow's festivities on TV and others have travelled to England to attend, I will be sitting in the colonies enjoying a quiet breakfast.  I will be surrounded with all the necessary trappings of English style and all of it will be thrift store finds!

Since you can't walk into a thrift store and go to the English Collectibles department, you have to be thinking well ahead about what occasions will be coming up.

Several months ago, I stumbled on this Royal Grafton, bone china mug.  It commemorates the SilverJubilee in 1977 and was priced at an unbelievable 25 cents! ~

A few weeks later I found two linen souvenir tea towels, that had never been used, for $1 each. 

One is from Yorkshire and has recipes from that region. ~

The other points out the attractions of Derbyshire. ~

I've laid them end to end to make a table runner. ~

I always use this bowl for the eggs from my very own chickens!  The border has a motif of roses, thistles and shamrocks, all symbols of the British Isles. ~

I'm happy to report that my cost per egg has dropped below the $100 mark!

Some vintage silverware, antique white ironstone from Britain, an Irish linen napkin and a picture of my British grandparents and I'm ready for the Diamond Jubilee big day! ~

My Union Flag pennants are flying. ~

Baby's Brooklyn adventure has come to an end and she is back home in Canada.  In preparation for this weekend, I taught her how to pour tea from the tiny, blue willow tea set.  This is her concentrating face! ~ 

I couldn't enjoy the Jubilee more if I were right there in London!

PS - Nana Diana tells me that the new fangled option of replying to your comments on the blog DO NOT go to your e-mail.  Dork here, thought they did.  I replied to every, single one! Honest, I did!  Let's just go back to the old way and pretend this never happened. lol 

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