Thursday, 24 May 2012

An Amazing Dumpster!

I had no idea the amazing life a dumpster leads until we ordered one up to dispose of building waste, as we worked on the rental property!

Apparently, my brother believes 'bigger is better' and  rented this huge one. ~

I spent a day loading it with broken drywall, bricks and all the usual debris that a renovation generates.  We cleared out junk from the garage and shed and tossed a broken dryer and barbecue in.  The back third was full and very neatly arranged, if I do say so myself.

By morning, nothing was left but the actual building materials.  Not a hint of scrap metal remained.  How will I ever fill this thing if stuff disappears in the night?

Never fear! More stuff will appear.  Tables, dressers, beds, TVs, chairs, oil drums and lamps have, somehow, found their way into it! ~

Hey, who's tossing their junk into my dumpster?

Not to worry!  One more day and half of this is gone.  Could I have saved the cost of the dumpster and just put the stuff in a big pile for people to rummage through?

It became my daily sport to see what had appeared and what had disappeared from the magical, metal box in the driveway.

Then I did it!  I dove in my own dumpster!  There was a perfectly good tote with the lid.  I took it.  Oooo - is that a white board and stand?  Perfect for my yard sale!  Thank you unknown people for leaving me stuff.

O m'gosh, did my siblings toss this door that had been stored in the back of the garage? ~ 

Uh huh, I took it, too.

Look at this wonderful, sliding bolt! ~

A little clean up and this baby will be terrific!  She won't even need a paint job. ~ 

I can't wait to see what is or isn't in there tomorrow!