Monday, 21 May 2012

Flags For Queen Victoria's Birthday

I thought I'd make a banner to celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday.  It turns out, free handing the union flag is no simple feat!  ~

These pennants will be hanging outside, so I wanted them large enough to be seen from the street.  Each pennant is 20" long by 10"wide. ~

Although I wasn't going for accuracy, there was lots of measuring, pinning and fitting to get the look of the the Union Flag.  I had all the fabric on hand and used the twine from a bale of straw for the cord so the cost was zero.  Effort was another whole story!

I think I'll host a Diamond Jubilee party to get some more use from my banner.  The colours are so jaunty and vibrant that I saw them turn more than a few heads in passing cars! ~

Why on earth did I tell my grandson I would paint his dresser as this flag?  Geometry was never my thing.  I think I'll be asking his math whiz dad to tape the dresser off for me!

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