Monday, 30 January 2012

A Lesson In Appreciation

I was reading a blog titled Sunny Simple Life and Elaine was talking about cleaning up the oranges from her back yard tree.  In January, she is picking oranges and I am sitting indoors while a cold drizzle falls outside.  I am actually jealous of Elaine.  These are her oranges and you can hear all about them by clicking on the title of her blog. ~

I walk to the patio door to see if the weather has improved and this wondrous sight appears. ~

I grab my camera and head out into the yard.  The arbour wears a crown of white. ~

The raspberries bow their heads in the silence. ~

Even the lines of the farm fencing are softened. ~

The river keeps it's own council in the dusky eve. ~

I circle back to the front of my house and pass these silent sleepers under their covers of down. ~

They sleep under the watchful eye of the steeple. ~

The flurries pick up and it looks as if mist is covering the land. ~

Back again to my own dear, little home. ~

Night has fallen and the camera flash turns snowflakes into a veil of diamonds that glitter in the trees and are jewellery for my home.

Though the camera is old and simple, not one of these photos needed to be doctored.  The beauty of the evening simply was.

Elaine has her sunshine and oranges and I have my silent, snow covered evening.  We are both lucky in what we have and I intend to appreciate this wonderful place called home!

Have a day filled with appreciation!

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