Friday, 6 January 2012

I'm Getting Rid Of 100 Things!

I'm still packing up Christmas and thinking about what needs to be removed from my kitchen so I can redecorate it.  This is tiring stuff and I had to take a break and get my Pinterest fix.

What should I find there but a challenge! ~

This is Lets Lasso The Moon take 100 things off your home's waistline challenge.

Say what?  One hundred things!!!

Yup.  Before you panic, they're not saying to get rid of things you love.  That's not what is bogging me down anyway.  They're talking about that candle that never burns evenly, a vase with a chip, magazines, dishes that are in the wrong colour.  How about toys the kids have outgrown, duplicate tools and the waffle iron you used in 1983.  

How many purses does one woman need?  Eeeks!  That one will hurt.

Clothing is going to be a good start for me.  I need paint shirts.  I don't need thirty paint shirts.  I wear the same one all the time anyway. (I know, that's disgusting!)  

I'm giving myself one week to hit that challenge goal. 

I'll let you know how it goes!