Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Have You Discovered Olioboard Yet?

For the last month, I've been following a great site, Focal Point, written by an American designer and stylist. Her work is excellent and she has an impressive resume. You've probably seen her on HGTV. But, today's post blew me away when it introduced me to a site that I had never heard of before and that will significantly shorten the time I spend on creating inspiration boards for clients.

If you haven't heard about this site, you are in for a treat! Olioboard is an on-line design site that lets you open up an inspiration board for any room you are planning to decorate. You can choose products from furniture to accessories (we are talking everything down to napkins, pillows and spoons) from a library of 130,000 + products!  You can click on the items you have chosen and it tells you where and for how much you can purchase them.

The real kicker is you can easily add the "add to Olioboard" gadget right up beside your Pinterest "pin it'' gadget and include all those fabulous pictures you've been saving, right onto your inspiration board.  You can also add pics from your own computer. That brings Etsy into play if you copy and paste items you love.

In less than ten minutes I had opened up an account and put together this page of ideas for my kitchen make-over.  You know how technically challenged I am!  ~

As a designer, I've used lots of design programmes that I've purchased or paid a monthly on-line fee for. They are complicated, use a lot of computer space and take a lot of time to set up for each project. This was soooo easy.

Olioboards was originally created for designers but is open to anyone to use. is absolutely free and as simple to use as Pinterest, Piknic or Facebook.  You get the extra bonus of being able to see the inspiration boards submitted by great designers for the bi-weekly theme challenge!

The only, drawback, from my perspective, is that the products/retailers listed are US based and not all the stores are here in Canada.  Unlike most on-line design sites, the product is all within normal price range from stores like Target and that is a bonus.  It does give you a good visual of the products to find similar ones in other countries and lets you see the "look" pulled together for your room.

You really have to check this out and can find it by clicking here.

Thank you Lynda Quinter-Davids of Focal Pointfor being the angel that brought me the answer to my New Years wish of expediting my work projects, to allow me time for everything else I'm trying to juggle right now!  She doesn't know she was the answer to a prayer but I bet she'd love it if you drop by her blog!

 Have an inspirational day!

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