Thursday, 12 January 2012

My New/Old Ruffled Tablecloth

It's a rainy, grey day here in Ontario and I wanted to add some pick me up colour to the house.

I like the rich colours and country vibe of this tablecloth I bought at Homsense a couple of years ago, for $14, and thought it would fill the bill. ~

Then I remembered it irritates me because mass produced tablecloths are skimpy on fabric.  The drop on the cloth should be 8 to 12 ".

The sides on this one only have a 6" drop. ~

I've been meaning to add some kind of a border for a better fit.  Then I remembered this great one made from dropcloths Courtney, at French Country Cottagemade for her dining table.  You have to click on her site and pay her a visit.  She has a full tutorial on how she made hers.  Whenever I need an awwww moment I head over for a fix of beautiful!  ~

Tablecloth from dropcloths

I have a painter's drop cloth and I'll do just about anything to put off prepping my kitchen cupboards for painting!

I'm not a sewer.  I'm more of a figure out how something was made and copy it my own way, kind of girl.  So, you know this will be simple to make.  I buy the lighter drop cloths so they are more flexible to work with.  They shrink like crazy, so be sure to wash them and throw them in the dryer before you sew.  

Here's a trick for making sure your fabric is straight.  Make a cut and then start pulling a thread. ~ 

This leaves a nice line for cutting, without measuring all the way along. ~

Courtney made her tablecloth loosely casual like a slipcover.  Casual works for me!  I start pinning the fabric, right side of ruffle to right side of tablecloth, with random spacing. ~

I've used the pre-hemmed parts of the drop cloth so there is no sewing there.  I did have to join ruffle sections to get enough length but that is just a straight line, so no big deal.  Then, it's a simple line of stitching all the way along the tablecloth.  

Here she is all dolled up ~


Now that I managed to use up most of the afternoon, I can stop for tea ~

That gives me time to figure out how to get out of working on the kitchen reno tomorrow!

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