Tuesday 10 January 2012

Organizing Your Project With On-Line Tools

When I'm working with a decorating client, I keep meticulous notes. Binders and storyboards document every fabric, paint colour, furniture, hardware, floor covering and accessory choice. At a glance, I know what was chosen, it's location and cost.

When I'm working on my own home, I seem to think I can keep it all straight in my head. Nope!  I bookmarked dozens (maybe hundreds) of wonderful ideas from blogs, articles and e-magazines.  I did that until I had so many bookmarks it would take a month of Sundays to go through them all.

My problem was not a lack of inspiration but too many ideas to ever remember where I found them or any of the details.

Pinterest has quickly become my greatest tool for organizing and filing ideas.  Gone are the bookmarks, magazine tear outs, post it notes and scribbles on the back of envelopes.  When I see something I like on-line, I  click on the "pin it" gadget I installed on my top tool bar.  That takes me directly to Pinterest.  I click on the board (ie. kitchen ideas, how to, recipes) that I have set up and I have the picture saved. Clicking on the picture takes me directly to the source where I first found the item.  How easy is that?

I can pick up these "pins" from Pinterest and insert them in the design boards I'm building on Olioboards.  Everything is at my fingertips, right here on this little old computer.

Here's an idea of how I've been collecting ideas for my kitchen redo.

I liked the brackets I saw at Back Porch Musings and pinned it ~

 Pinned Image 

These feet At The Picket Fence added to her cabinetry were perfect and were pinned ~ 

Kitchen cabinet feet

I loved the French Country feel of these grainsack style placemats from 2 Be Cherished on Etsy and pinned those ~ 

Grain sack style.

I can pick up these pins and send them to the inspiration board I'm creating on ~


It free.  It's easy.  There goes the clutter on my desk and in my head.  

Pinterest isn't just for decorating. It's a wonderful space to list music, books, film, travel, favourite sayings, bridal plans, garden tips, recipes....anything you like on the net and want to save!

You can check out  Pinterest by clicking here.  If you decide you like it, you need an invitation and I have one waiting for you on my right sidebar begging you politely inviting you to Join Me On Pinterest.  Can you tell how danged excited I am by all these new tools?

Now if I could just click somewhere and the work would be done, I'd be in heaven!  I guess that's just a Bewitched episode.  Darn!

Disclaimer:  Pinterest is unaware of my existence and is not compensating me for the huge plug I am giving them.  It would be nice if they would, though.  hint hint

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  1. You are so clever! Love the olioboards.... xo

  2. I use pinterest the same way. I find it is more for me than anything else. I would love to try the website for olioboards. I'm going to follow you now.

  3. This is great, thanks Maureen! Both the olioboards and pinterest were on my 'one day' list. You have inspired me now to get going :-).
    Thanks for your comment, it looks like you did a wonderful job picking yourself up again...

  4. You know what Maureen, I desperately need a workplace for myself. I work on my bed. But I dont know what to include. Im going checking out olioboard.

  5. Lynn @ www. January 2012 at 12:50

    These are great tools! Thanks for seeking these out for us.

  6. I have explored Pinterest a tiny bit but haven't quite figured out all the how to's.

  7. I love your inspiration. I have a pinterest board but haven't paid much mind to it. I think it's time I head over there. Have a wonderful day. Patty

  8. Isn't Pinterest the best! I love that we can all share ideas with each other.

    I have posted about some of my favourite recipes that I pinned. Please pop on over if you have 5 minutes to spare!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for me.

  9. Just popped by to say thanks so much for joining in with my weekly Pinning Party! This week's party has finally started so please pop by if you have 5 minutes!

    Best wishes and happy pinning,