Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Living in Brooklyn

This story starts way back in 1987 when it seemed like a good idea to take my daughters on a business trip to New York City.

Katie is 11 and this is her first flight ~ 

One glimpse of that amazing city and she is hooked!

She went into Saks Fifth Avenue and sweet talked a sales girl into selling her a Swatch watch for $5, purely so she could walk along the street carrying a bag that said Saks Fifth Avenue.  She even asked for a big bag!

I'm not sure why she has a NY T- shirt slapped on her chest.  Katie always did strange things like that!

From that day on, she swore she would live in NYC someday.  And....when her husband had to leave Toronto to work on a film in Brooklyn, I knew it was only a matter of time before she picked up Baby and hopped a flight to join him.

I clung to her and wailed, "Don't leave me!".  Kidding! That was my inside voice.  My outside voice said, "How wonderful! Great adventure!".  She's there for at least six months so that was pretty sporting of me, don't you think?

So, here is Baby on her first flight ~

I figure that I might as well accept this and we can all join in on the experience through the miracle of the world wide web.  If you already live in New York, you can tune out or read this as a tale of some poutine eating, touque wearing, hockey crazed Canuks in the big city!  The rest of us want to see the sights!

Katie has never been shy and has no problem with doing the tackiest, touristy thing if the mood strikes her.

I submit this next photo as proof ~

And this photo taken in FAO Schwartz as proof that nothing has changed ~

Her film making hubby never misses a chance to check out locations from films.  This shot of Adam Sandler in Big Daddy is taken in Luigi's famous pizza place in Brooklyn ~

And here's Baby ~

It really is good pizza! ~

Mommy made the pilgrimage to the place she first made her vow and stands in the same spot ~

Baby doesn't look all that impressed.  Perhaps she's vowing to live on a ranch in Alberta.
Back home on the subway with Daddy ~

A little playing in the snow with the kids on the street ~

While singer/songwriter Mommy writes this song and posts it on youtube ~

I can't wait to see where we go next!  Let me know if there is any spot in NYC you want to see and we'll send Baby to check it out!

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ps ~ So many of you have asked where you can hear more of Katie's music that I'm adding this link to Youtube.  It will bring you right to more of her tunes.  Thanks for all your support of a struggling artist!