Saturday 21 January 2012


Last night was my second birthday celebration!  I headed to Niagara Falls, Ontario to an authentic Greek restaurant, Koutouki, with my sister and my authentic Greek friend, Liz. What a blast we had!

The restaurant is decorated in the style of a Greek tavern with lots of distressed wood and brick instead of the usual blue and white touristy look.  It had a cosy and friendly vibe from the moment we walked in the front door.

You couldn't find a friendlier, more fun loving hostess than the owner's daughter, Georgina!

Since my daughters read this blog, I won't say what I thought of our handsome waiter!

Hey, I'm 60 not dead!  The flaming cheese was delicious too!

Let the food festival begin!

Appetizers ~

Octopus ~ 

Salmon ~ 

Stuffed Chicken ~ 

An undisclosed number of glasses of this ~

These would make great trivets and you could do it with $ store bamboo cutting boards and some corks!

By this time, we had forgotten we were in a restaurant and hanging with the owner, Steve, and Georgina like one big, happy Greek family!

My sister is having fun! ~

I toured the kitchen with the owner, complimented the chef, and we were on to dessert! ~

Oops, not much of that left to show you!

When your sides hurt from laughing and the table looks like this at the end of the meal, you know Koutouki is a great place to celebrate! ~

Just pay heed to the words of the great philosopher Aristotle ~

If you are in Niagara Falls, Ontario, you really must check out Koutouki!  I loved it! They are at 5745 Ferry Street (905)354-6776.

Disclaimer:  I'm not receiving any remuneration for raving about the place but I did have a couple of complimentary birthday drinks.  Shhhh.


  1. Happy birthday!!! Looks like you had fun.

  2. Everything looked so delicious...except the too sure about that one, but good for you for trying it! What a lovely birthday week you've had! xo

  3. You had me at cheese!! Happy happy birthday! :)

  4. Happy birthday sweet friend. What a wonderful way to celebrate. I love Greek food too. Although I would pass on the octopus ( I don't like the texture) Hugs and hoping you get your birthday wish.

  5. I know what you all saying about the octopus. I was a little startled when it arrived but figured now was the time to get brave. It was pretty good.

  6. Wow! Totally impressive Birthday dinner, except the octopus...
    I'm with you, just because you are 60, doesn't mean we are dead...ha ha.
    I'm glad you had a wonderful time and also admired the cute waiter....Happy Birthday to you.
    Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful week.

  7. Belated birthday wishes - I love Greek food but I'm afraid I also couldn't eat the octopus !
    And can I say thank you for always visiting my place and leaving lovely comments.
    I'm putting you on my blogroll, so I won't for get to check in on you !

  8. It looks like a great place to have a birthday dinner...WOW! Over the top good! I'm over 60 and not dead...looks like FUN!♥ Enjoy your week!