Thursday, 19 January 2012

Go With Your Gut

I'm not exactly sure how it happened, but yesterday this baby turned 60! ~

It doesn't seem possible that I could be that darned old when I still feel like a 30 something and my little girls will be coming in from school at any minute.  The woman in the mirror does often surprise me and I have no idea how I keep shrinking my clothes, so I suppose it must be true.

The up side of reaching this lofty age is that I'm allowing myself to go with the flow more and not do some of the things I just don't feel like doing.  This morning I cancelled an unimportant appointment because my nose was sniffly and, to be honest, I stayed up into the wee small hours at my birthday party and was tired.

An hour later, this was the view from my front door. ~

Had I gone, I'd have been country driving in whiteout conditions! I sat nice and cosy, with a mug of hot coffee, and watched the storm rage from from my family room. ~

I have learned a few things in my years of living.  One is to always use the good stuff.  It seems sad to me when I buy lovely crystal, linens, etc. at estate sales and thrift shops that have clearly never been used.  Were the owners afraid to use their fine things in case they were damaged in the using?

I bought these Irish linen napkins this week for .99 each.  I'll use them and never worry about stains. I'll even let my cat sleep on them!  (See baby curled up in the corner here?) ~

Burn the candle shaped like a angel, eat from the good dishes and silver and sit in the front living room. You really can't take it with you!

I've also learned that storms always end and the sun will come shining through! ~

Who wouldn't feel peaceful, as the day winds down, with this view from my kitchen window.  I'll take it at any age! ~

Have a day where you trust your instincts and enjoy all the fine things around you!

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