Friday, 6 April 2012

What Would I Do Without Paint?

I wanted an Easter egg tree to hang some little ornaments that were gifts to me.

Pottery barn had a cute one. ~

But, yikes, the price!  This one was $74.79.  What are those people thinking?  I have a hard time spending that much on a 8' tree to plant in my yard!

In a corner store I found this one for 89 cents. ~

It's a little garish.  Okay, it's a lot garish!  It's wood and the branches are flexible, so maybe I can do something with this.

A little grayish white craft paint helps.  An image downloaded from The Graphics Fairy gets Modpodged on and that helps a lot!  Some watered down brown paint gets wiped across it all to add a little age.  A couple of strings of beads attached with a glue gun and this is getting cute!

I have somewhere to hang the little glass eggs and ducky now! ~

Let me think, now.....$74.79 or 89 cents?  Hmmm.