Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Getting What You Need, When You Need It!

I have been working away at cleaning up my rental property since last Thursday.  My sister and brother are partners in this property and both had heavy commitments over the weekend, so I soldiered on myself on the days they couldn't be here.

I keep searching for the positive in this situation.  I focused on how surprised and pleased my partners would be that so much was accomplished while they were away.  I read all your kind comments of sympathy and support.  I tried my best to not let bitterness settle on my heart over all the tenant had done.  I wanted to forgive her and move on!

On Sunday, friends spontaneously showed up, armed with cleaning supplies.  Wendy cleaned all the windows and that took some doing!  Dan fixed broken kitchen cabinetry and killed the biggest spider this side of the equator!  As much as the actual work was appreciated, it was the kindness that I needed at that moment.

I joined them at their home, that evening, to watch a TV show.  I don't have TV and there was something I particularly wanted to see.

What could bring one daughter from her farm and the other daughter from Brooklyn, to Toronto for the weekend?

Emerald, front row seat tickets, sent straight from Harpo, for the Oprah live Lifeclass Tour! ~

Farm girl, on the left, had been chosen to ask a question. She never got the chance to ask her question. I never did see my girls on the show.

Still, I think it was meant to be and I was meant to watch that show.  The subject was "The Power Of Forgiveness".  What would you say it is, when a woman with no TV, exhausted mentally and physically, goes to a friend's house to (maybe) see her daughters on TV and has four of the top rated speakers tell her how to do the very thing she has been praying to be able to do?   I call that divine intervention! 

If you are really, really trying, I believe you do get what you need, when you need it!