Saturday, 7 April 2012

I Can Take A Hint!

On Good Friday, my daughter, her husband and their six children came home for their Easter visit.  It was a lovely, sunny day and the kids played in the yard while the adults soaked up the sun and chatted among ourselves or over the fence with the neighbours.

The kids have a toy box in my spare bedroom and were in there getting some favourites to take outside.  I had forgotten that I had put a pile of school photos on the dresser in there. Usually, the current school pics hang on a little 'birds on a wire' line in my library.  I had taken them down at Christmas and never put them back up.

I'm thinking somebody wasn't too happy with this oversight.  After everyone had gone home, I found this. ~

Grandma will have our pictures in the library if we have to put them there ourselves!  It's not the most chic arrangement but I get the hint.

Of course, I did not see my youngest daughter and granddaughter as they are still living their Brooklyn adventure.  Through the miracle of the Internet, I will be able to see my daughter perform live at New York's oldest rock club, The Bitter End.  Katie auditioned for and won a spot on the singer/songwriter sessions!  She plays at 7pm on Easter Sunday (I know, I know but the entertainment biz does not shut down for holidays) and it will be streamed live.  This is an important chance for Katie to have her song writing heard and she is nervous and excited and counting down the minutes until she gets her shot at showing what she can do.

Just to stand on the stage that hosted such talented songwriters as Carly Simon, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, Peter, Paul & Mary and Neil Diamond is beyond what Katie ever imagined!

If you live in NYC you may want to pop over to Greenwich Village to catch the show.  Any of those who want to watch the live feed, tomorrow evening at 7pm, you can find it by clicking Here.  It's a short performance, just 15 mins. long.

Maybe, you'd consider saying a teeny, tiny prayer that it all goes well for her!

Happy Easter everyone!!!