Sunday, 22 April 2012

Stewards Of The Earth

I feel that I'm carrying coals to Newcastle when I talk about treading lightly on the land to my blogging friends.  You save the land fill sites from light fixtures, dressers, plastic planters and skids.  You make your own natural laundry detergent and grow your own carrots.  You can your own food and compost, knit and sew.  You have made excessive consumption totally uncool and your Pinterest boards have made reuse chic!

So, pat yourselves on the back today and know you will stay committed to rescuing chairs from the roadside and china from the thrift stores.  Feel good about raising children that can plant a radish, feed a chicken and even make a meal on a stove, instead of thinking all food comes from driving a fossil fuelled vehicle up to a tiny window.  

There is a native American philosophy that says to look at how your actions today will affect seven generations from now.  You are going a long way toward changing attitudes.  I thank you, the earth thanks you and your great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandchild thanks you!

I made a happy little reminder of how we all want the earth to be by adding this vintage, child's toy lead cow and calf to my moss terrarium.  ~

I plucked some tiny branches from a tree in my yard to give her a shady place to watch over her baby. ~ 

Have a day filled with awe for this wonderful planet we call home!