Friday, 30 March 2012

A Week Of Ups & Downs!

I was up when my old car passed the emissions test and I could renew the plates. I was down when I went to leave the testing centre and the car wouldn't start.  I was really down when they quoted me $1,200 to replace the fuel pump!  I called my mechanic and he quoted me $700 for the same job. I guess I'm happy about that.  I call the tow truck and get his wife.  I call back and he says, "My wife told me the Wyatt girl needs another tow.".  I know it's not a good thing to be towed enough to be known by name, but it's been many a year since I was called a girl and that seemed like a good thing.  So, the tale ends with my car being fixed in one day and the bill, including tow, is $375.  I'm happy, I think!

I won a judgement against my tenant for $6,000 in rent and utility arrears. Yay! She still refuses to move out and I have to get the Sheriff to forcibly evict her.  Not yay!

My answer to all these confusing emotions is to go thrift shopping and do some more spring decorating.  I scored at Value Village with an antique, white ironstone jelly mould for $4.99.  I picked up a marble cheese tray and glass dome for $6.99. ~

The cheese server started out common enough. ~

I intended to use the glass cloche on a trivet I bought at a pottery show. ~

The jelly mould made me think of trying an antique, white ironstone plate with a wheat motif around the edge. ~ 

I added some green eggs and two of  the blown eggs my daughters made many years ago.  It is very homey and relaxing, set on this embroidered tablecloth and linen Derbyshire tea towel.  Both were in mint condition and cost $1 each at the Salvation Army Thrift Store.

It doesn't cost a lot for me to be pleased!  If I count the cost of the plate, my total outlay is $15.  Yay, I'm happy again!

I came home to the happy news that Maryann of Domestically Speaking has featured my little $4 shelf on her Power Of Paint party!  It's an honour to be included with all the great paint projects she highlights!

If you click on the name of her blog, it will take you to her post today where she shows you how to make beautiful flowers from tissue paper!  To see the paint projects, click on the button below.

Here's to fewer lows and a lot more highs for the rest of the week!