Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Chicken Ranching on a VERY Small Scale!

First, I bought a chicken coop from the local farm supply store. ~

Then, my sister and brother-in-law came to help assemble it.  It's modular so there is no cutting, just tying to  to follow the non-existent directions and screwing things together.  ~

This roofed section over the nesting box lifts so you can gather the eggs.

There are perches and and the floor slides out to remove the droppings. ~

It has a built in run so my ladies don't escape and I don't have any "fox in a hen house" scenarios. ~

It's adorable!  The only problem's really, really small.  I was told it should hold about twelve chickens.  It will hold two!  Four chickens would make me the official owner of a battery farm! I am planning an addition to the coop.

Oh, and remember how I planned on obscuring an ugly shed with it?  I'm thinking the neighbour has the last laugh. ~

Go ahead and laugh at my miniature chicken coop!!!