Monday, 5 March 2012

And The Daddy Of The Year Award Goes To....

This guy ~

Yup, my son in law is the current holder of the title.  Sorry to all the other great dads out there!

He didn't get the award for this day, when we see him in the courthouse adopting four little ones, bringing his number of kids up to six. ~

He gets it for finding a lost stuffed dog.  When your youngest child spent the first three years of her life in the foster care system, she doesn't have many things that are her own. Through three foster homes and a failed adoption, all she managed to hold onto was one stuffed dog.

This little girl is resilient.  I call her Amish Girl because she pitches in around the barn and kitchen  with a degree of competence that is amazing!  My sister and I were husking corn and Amish Girl offered to help.  At three, she probably wouldn't be able to get even one done, but we let her try.  That kid yanked those husks off faster than I could and kept right on husking until we were done.  She told us one of the foster parents taught her how to do it.  What, when she was in a crib she was doing kitchen work?

Tough as she is, Amish girl is afraid of the dark and surrounds herself with "stuffies" every night.  Her bed has been moved in between her two sisters beds, even though my daughter thinks it makes the room look like an orphanage with them all lined up on one wall. Mommy and Daddy still get up several times a night to settle Amish Girl down.

A spring clean out of toys led to the disaster of Amish Girl's stuffed dog going to the Salvation Army.  Oh No!!!  

Here comes Daddy to the rescue.  He goes to the Salvation Army, pleads his case and gets to rummage through the donations to look for it.  This renowned cancer researcher and university professor dumpster dove for a toy!  He finds it!!!  He even insists on giving them $1.50 to buy it back from them, though they have offered it free.

Stuffy Dog is home and Amish Girl snuggles into bed with her long time friend.  Feel free to awww over this sweetie pie! ~

Now don't you think my son in law deserves to have that award this week?

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