Monday, 19 March 2012

A Brooklyn St. Patrick's Day

I asked Baby what was different in the big city for the day and she told me the story in pictures.

First you put on your best Irish outfit. ~

You're going uptown where all the fancy people are so you don your best Mommy/Baby matching sunglasses. ~

Head for the Staten Island Ferry. ~

Wave to every single person on the ferry and find out New Yorkers are very friendly and will wave back. ~

Find out you love riding on ferries! ~

Wave to the Green Lady herself and think of the hope she held out for so many. ~

Accidentally get involved in a street party.  Realize you are a baby and the streets are full of party goers with green beer.  It's time for Baby's St. Patrick's Day celebrations to end. ~

I'm glad she had the sense to call it a night!