Sunday, 25 March 2012

Bring Some Sunshine Indoors

Today I gleaned the yard for touches of yellow to brighten up the house.  Here in Ontario, we have dropped to normal spring temperatures and it's raining off and on.

The Forsythia bushes, I brought from my parents house many years ago, have not bloomed well the past few years and I threaten them with my chainsaw periodically.  This year, they have taken it to heart and are covered in brilliant yellow blossoms.

My thrift store find, tall vase is perfect for holding branches on the family room sideboard. ~

There is only a couple of inches of water in the bottom so the blooms can go right down into the vase.  The green, sequin table runner from St. Paddy's day doubles as a dresser scarf for the buffet. ~

More Forsythia branches tumble out of a vase on my bedroom dresser.  I made no attempt to arrange them so they would seem more natural. ~

Bits left over from the cuttings fill vintage mercury glass vases on the tiny office mantel.  A dollar store, mirrored tea light holder displays Easter eggs my daughters painted many, many years ago.  I store them in an egg carton and the delicate shells have held up very well. ~

Daffodils fill a little $3 thrift store vase.  It is made by Lenox and has a pretty Lily Of The Valley design.  My green Depression Glass dish, in it's silver holder, is filled with green eggs for a cheery spring feel. ~

The house feels alive with all the lightness of spring!  It can rain all it wants and I will have my dashes of yellow to remember the sunshine.