Thursday, 15 March 2012

Fixing Broken Glass!

You can do it!  You can repair broken glass!  This is a great relief to those of us who live in glass houses and favour throwing rocks.

I bought a glass, candelabra style lamp at auction.  Sometime between the bidding and it arriving home, one arm broke.  That is, the lamp broke an arm, not me.  I loved this lamp and felt so bad about it being damaged that I couldn't bring myself to throw it out.

Then, I came across this glue, called Glass, Metal & More, in a sewing notions store.  I'm sure you can buy it elsewhere but that is the first time I've seen it. ~

$7.99 is not too huge an investment to give it a try.  The label said there were toxic fumes and it is extremely flammable so I  put out my corn cob pipe and headed outside to experiment.  I took rubber gloves 'cause I'm the kind of person who will glue their hand to a lamp.

Here's the sad, little broken arm. ~

It claims the glue sets up fast but I didn't find that was so.  Maybe the day wasn't warm enough.  After I added a bit more glue, I taped the arm in place and brought it inside for the night.  

By the next day, I had this. ~

The glue held well enough for me to press down on it while adding the shades. ~

It adds the perfect amount of sparkle to my desk at night! ~

Have a day where you conquer the impossible! ~

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