Tuesday, 20 March 2012

I Can't Believe I'm Painting Outside!

It's still sunny and hot; too hot for the slugging involved in turning over a 24' X 10' garden. I'm about halfway through the job but I'm taking LOTS of breaks.  In those breaks I'm hauling stuff out to the patio to paint.  With no basement or garage, it's a bit of a task to find room to do messy jobs.

I've been picking up bits and pieces, in thrift shops, to dress up the front porch and patio. It's all part of my thrift, gift, reworked or found policy.  I almost passed by a wooden plant holder for $2.99.  It was in a natural wood finish and utterly boring.  A closer look showed a backstamp that said it was hand carved and made in the Sauble Beach, Lake Huron area.  I'm thinking beach + driftwood = paint job.

I thought I had a before picture.  It looked just like this without the grey paint splotched on it. ~

There was no sheen on this piece so I didn't need to sand or prime.  I dabbed on some Martha Stewart Crevecoeur from the sample pot I picked up for $1.  I just randomly dragged the paint across the piece. ~

Next I used a matte, beige boo boo paint that was $2 for the quart.  It's best to use an old ruined brush for the top coat.  It forces the paint to go on unevenly and gives a more naturally worn look.  When I get to the grey spots, I lift the brush a bit so some of the grey shows through. ~

If it looks too good in spots, let it set for a couple of minutes and drag your brush through it again.  That will start pulling the paint back off.

The end result of the paint treatment is this. ~

I thought it could use a little dressing up and had a package of Rub-ons that I picked up from Michael's for 25 cents.  I think they are for scrapbooking.  They're super easy to use. Cut out the image, remove the backing paper, place and rub with the tool they provide.

This took less than a minute. ~

How cute it that? ~ 

I know this is a plant holder but I kind of want to use it for something else.  Any ideas?  It's sitting on my potting table, which I also use as a server, and seems quite happy there. ~

Have a day filled with sunshine!

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