Sunday 27 October 2013

The Hall Faux Window

I've had quite a few questions about the antique window I hung in my back hallway. ~

This hall is so long and narrow that it's difficult to furnish and can easily feel like the green mile when you are walking down it.

Years ago I bought a pair of leaded glass windows and was looking for a way to use them in the house. They were in rough condition with gouges and many, many layers of paint. ~

All those layers of paint worked to my advantage when it came time to do a worn paint look.  I dabbed a darker grey paint in the recesses and drybrushed a lighter grey over it all, lifting the brush slightly when I came to the dark grey spots. ~

To create the illusion of a real window, I hung a couple of pieces of wallpaper with a birch tree design on the wall. ~

These windows are heavy and had to be screwed into the wall studs.  A big thank you to my nephew Corey for tackling that job!

With four cats in the house (3 that are certifiably insane!) a key holder is a recipe for lost keys.  Last year I had painted a planter box for the porch and it is ideal for holding keys.

The planter cost $2 at the Salvation Army Thrift Store.  It was hand carved, solid wood and started out looking like this.  Well, like this without the first coat of grey paint. ~

A bit of scrap paint and a 25 cent rub on and it looks like this.  If you want to see how I did the paint treatment click here. ~

No cats stealing the keys for hockey pucks and it works with the aged window.

Throw down a mint condition, pure wool Persian rug that I bought at auction for $5 and we have some interest in that area. ~

I'm still looking for an old piece of wood to fashion into a windowsill.  I think it will be great fun to play around with dressing the window and sill up for the holidays!

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  1. It is absolutely fantastic. Great work!

  2. It's beautiful! The green mile lol that's a scary trip, I loved that book!

  3. We shall scrounge around to see if we have an old board for your sill! I love the muted wallpaper behind the's perfect! I still can't get over the difference in the hall, from a dark place that was closet-like to a bright cheery entrance! Yay Maureen! xo wendy

  4. What a neat idea! I love the finish on both your window and planter box key holder. And I like the idea of decorating these not just for the holidays but for all seasons! Have fun!

  5. I bawled and sobbed and cried some more when I finished reading the Green Mile! LOVED that book! I still love that window, too. :)


  6. Those windows are beautiful and I like the idea of the wall paper birch trees in behind. When you first posted the photos of the hall I wondered where the reflections of the trees was coming from! Now I know. The hand carved wood hanging box thing is a great piece and looks so much better with the paint you gave it. A great idea for keys. You sure got that beautiful runner for a steal!

  7. lady is there nothing you can't do???? I'm serious!

  8. Love the windows, what a great idea!

  9. I love the look you achieved with the window and can appreciate the keys turned into hockey pucks by cats scenario, lol.

  10. I have one of those long and uninteresting hallways your idea to liven it up!

  11. Love the windows with the birch trees ... in fact, LOVE the windows.
    I am sure I will use that idea one of these day.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  12. Maureen that is one gorgeous window! Love the birch tree wall paper...nice trick of the eye there! That planter box turned key holder.....I think I like that as much as the window. What a score at the thrift that it's hand carved!! So cool!

  13. I remember that little planter with the rub on transfer and it looks great next to the window (which I love). I think a sill would be a great idea !

  14. What a neat idea to add that birch tree wallpaper; a hint of softness against the hardness of the wood frames. Your key holder is lovely and very smart! Always gotta be one step ahead of those cats, don't you, Maureen?! How lucky you were to get that Persian rug for $5!! As I said in a previous post, I could live in this space, crazy cats and all, and I'm MAJORLY allergic to the critters!


  15. Oh Maureen!!! I LOVE THEM. You know how crazy I am about old windows and doors. These are gorgeous. I am on the look out for some old french doors right now. :)

  16. Those windows are beautiful. I love the lead top part!