Thursday, 3 October 2013

Simplicity And Autumn Colours

It was a glorious autumn day in Ontario and would have been a sin to waste the warmth and sunshine by staying indoors.

The muted shades of grasses going to seed and bare earth in the denuded gardens, contrasting with the brilliant colours of  autumn leaves, inspired me to bring a touch of that feeling indoors.

Clippers in hand, I wandered the yard and cut snippets of what could really be considered weeds. ~

A tall vase and some sand is the base for a simple arrangement of grass plumes, a weathered stick and a strand of Virginia creeper.  A little bird perches on the vine.

I thought this height was perfect against the old, chippy door in the family room. ~

Unfortunately, the whole thing was a bit too tippy with two crazy kittens hurling themselves at the vine and had to migrate to the sideboard. ~

I promise to get back to all the indoor painting I'm supposed to be doing, unless the sun shines again tomorrow!