Friday, 18 October 2013

Tip For Freezing Pie Apples

Here's a little tip I got from my cousin Kathy many years ago. She's married to a rancher in Alberta and can whip out a meal for an army on a moments notice. What would a ranch meal be without pie?

In the fall, when apples are abundant and cheap, Kathy cut them up and put them in a pie plate. She added the seasonings. I use sugar, cinnamon and a pinch of nutmeg. Then she popped it all in the freezer. ~

Once it's frozen solid in the shape of a pie plate, slide the filling out into a freezer bag and pop it back in the freezer.

When you want to make a pie, you just slide the frozen filling onto your bottom pastry. ~

Add your top crust and give the apples 15 or 20 mins. to thaw. ~

Bake as you normally would.  Yee haw, we have pie! ~

If you know any cute cowboys, you can send them on over here and I'll feed them all the pie they can handle!