Friday, 25 October 2013

The Effect Of Colour On Light

When I decided to have a steel roof installed, I had to make some concessions to allow for the extra cost. The skylight in the hall would have to go in the interest of saving labour and the expense of a new one.

The hall leads to a side door that is really only used by me to go to the chicken coop.  It has a coat closet and the entry door to the laundry room.  It's also the entry to the main floor bathroom and so seen by my guests.  With the skylight gone, the hall was so dark that I tripped over something in there in the daytime!

The only remaining light source was this tall window at one end. ~

Here's the hall in it's previous gold incarnation.  In my defence, it was done in my early divorce days when dark and gloomy seemed appropriate.  The picture was taken in the summer on a bright, sunny day and the overhead light is on.

The room is full of shadows. ~

I haven't finished working in here.  The baseboards aren't installed and the doorknobs will be changed.

The walls and high ceiling are painted in Benjamin Moore CC-50 White Down. ~

Even with the light off, on an overcast October day, the colour reflects the bit of light coming in the room. ~

I've hung an old, leaded glass window for decoration.  The glass reflects more light from the laundry room window. ~

The hall even has kitten approval.  This isn't Maeve.  Can you believe it is one of my foster kittens grown just as big her?  ~

The room has gone from dark, gloomy and lacking in interest to a bright and cheerful space. ~

None of the photos have been altered.  It would rather miss the point to lighten them, don't you think?

Colour is a powerful tool in making a space more inviting!

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