Monday, 14 October 2013

Some Days It's All Worthwhile

Almost two weeks ago my little, brown hen was spared from the chopping block and came to live with me. She had survived nearly being pecked to death in her old flock and she was afraid of everything.  She hid when my chickens were in the pen, ran away from me and slept alone in the quarantine coop.  I was beginning to wonder if I could ever get her integrated into my flock or would this Ann Boleyn lose her head as well.

When the others were free ranging Ann looked longingly through the fence at them. ~

I didn't know if she would run away or get into a scuffle with the other girls, but decided it was time to let her loose.  It took a bit of time and no little amount of persuasion to get her to venture out into the vegetable garden. Every sound sent her running back to the pen. ~

When I realised she'd gone under the rose bush with one of the other girls, I grabbed my camera to show you that I had finally got her to make contact. Ever so quietly, so as not to frighten her, I crept up to take a picture of Ann with Molly. ~

Three weeks in isolation at her old home and two weeks of isolation here and this is the first time I'd seen that chicken relax.

To my great surprise, she slowly and gingerly stretched her neck out toward Molly.  She started to coo and kept going until she touched beaks. ~

And then, her eyes began to droop, her head to sink to the warm earth and she slept. ~

The poor wee thing had been so lonely that she overcame her fears to be with the others.  Every bit of extra work and worry was worth it to me to see that moment.  I didn't know that a chicken needs to be able to touch another.  I didn't know they would coo out of happiness and relief.

Ann is a full fledged member of the flock now and proudly perches with her sisters when I close the coop up for the night.

Sometimes, it's the little things that I'm most grateful for. ~

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