Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Buying Bits Of History

I'm a history lover and that is why I buy antiques.  Each piece was part of the life of someone who lived long before me.  I wonder what their lives were like, who they loved, what they were passionate about, what trials and heartbreak they endured.

At an antique show, I happened upon this little bit of history.  It's a ticket to a concert, given in 1914, to raise funds for the starving Belgian people during the first world war. For a mere quarter this darling was mine! ~

The minute I saw that ticket, I thought of Rilla Of Ingleside.  L.M. Montgomery wrote the book in 1921, when the horrors of the great war were still fresh.  Anne's youngest daughter comes of age during the war and learns to leave vanities and frivolous behaviours behind to support loved ones and country.

She leads her local Junior Red Cross as they put together a basket social and concert for Belgian Relief. ~

Who were the Rillas that planned this event in Port Perry, Ontario?  

"Just for a few minutes, while I've been writing of Jim's and the concert, I've forgotten Ypres and the poison gas and the casualty lists.  Now, it all rushes back, worse than ever.  Oh, if we could just know that Jem is alright!"  ~ Rilla Of Ingleside
I've tucked my ticket into a corner of the old medicine chest I use for a spice cabinet. ~

I imagine I'm packing my luncheon treats into a napkin lined basket, to be raffled off to raise funds for such a wonderful cause.  Rationing has meant I've had to save coupons for quite some time for the eggs and sugar in that little cake!  Then I'll pop the ticket in my pocket and head off to the Scugog Town Hall. ~

I do so hope Kenneth Ford wins the bidding and he's the one I sit with for the evening!

Ninety-nine years after someone paid 15 cents for that ticket, I bought it for 25 cents.  I'd call that quite a bargain!

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