Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Wearing Of The Green

Ever since I put that old, chippy door in front of the corner windows in my family room, I get excited about a new occasion to decorate it.  It seems everything I put on it looks wonderful.  If you don't believe me about how easy this is to dress up, go get yourself an old door or window frame and try it yourself!

I had two goals in mind with my St. Patrick's day theme.  One was to showcase some of the things that matter to me from my Irish family and the other was to steal a little of Ireland's spring weather to cheer up this month of ice and snow. ~

I started out with an old wreath that is decorated with faux branches and moss covered rocks.  A bird in a burlap bow was placed up to one side.  I bought this wreath many years ago but you could duplicate the look with a grapevine wreath and some silk greenery and moss.

A vintage picture of my Grandma, as a sixteen year old graduating as a teacher, is tucked into the centre.  Beside her is a picture of my Grandad Jimmy and his two brothers.  A Celtic cross lays in front. ~

Grandma was very proud of this sterling pin that someone brought her straight from Ireland.  She firmly believed the green stone was a piece of the Blarney Stone.  I'm fairly sure they didn't go around hacking pieces of the stone off for jewellery but if it made her happy, who am I to disagree.  I've pinned it just above the family crest.

What a fun family we are!  We have a bloody hand for our crest.  There's no cheery leprechauns to be found on O'neill banners!  ~

My family is still pretty miffed about our lost castle so I've made a banner for my knights to rally around, while we wait to storm it and take it back. ~

The O'neills are direct descendants of the Irish king Brian Boru and I've added his harp to the banner, along with a shamrock.  Tir Eoghan O'neill is Irish Gaelic for Land Of The O'Neills.  The Graphics Fairy had a great print of Irish historical emblems for me to download and hang under the banner.

So, when you visit me this month, you'll have no doubts about exactly who's property this is!

You are now on the LAND OF THE O'NEILLS!

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