Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Lazy Day Project

Shhhh -  Maeve is sleeping. ~

I don't actually shush people anymore when they come in the house and Maeve is sleeping.  I sure did when she was a baby.  That kitten, feral offspring of a feral mother, was a mental case!  I'm not talking cute kitten, chase her tail mental.  It was more like up everything/into everything/break everything mental.  She was the teeniest, tiniest thing but she was a whirling dervish and the only time she slept was when she crawled inside my shirt (while I was wearing it) or under my sheets with me at night. It was like having a squirrel in the house. The only person I know who can truly understand how crazy a kitten can be is Deb from Just Cats.  Her Audrey could be Maeve's twin and if Deb, a professional cat sitter, found it hard to deal with you can imagine the trouble I had!

A couple of years later, all it takes is the first sunny day in eons and Maeve lazed around all afternoon. That's pretty much all I felt like doing today, too.

Just to say I accomplished something, I pulled out a wrought iron hanger I'd been meaning to paint for the kitchen.  It's such a small room that I have to utilize every square inch and I needed somewhere to hang tea towels and oven mitts.

The original paint was a greenish white that clashed with the mellow white on my walls. ~

I gave it a coat of latex black paint. ~

As soon as that dried, I dry brushed some of the grey kitchen cabinet paint over it. That dried quickly and I gave it a coat of spray, clear lacquer to protect the paint from wet towels. ~

It tucks nicely under the antique medicine cabinet I use for a spice cabinet.  This replaces the key holder that a certain black cat still thinks is to give her something to knock down and shoot around the house.  I didn't find crawling under furniture to hunt for car keys all that convenient. ~

Wow, will you look at the dust motes dancing in the sunshine from the dining room window!  Maybe I should have worked on that instead today.  Nah

Hang some towels and call it done! ~