Wednesday 6 March 2013

Lazy Day Project

Shhhh -  Maeve is sleeping. ~

I don't actually shush people anymore when they come in the house and Maeve is sleeping.  I sure did when she was a baby.  That kitten, feral offspring of a feral mother, was a mental case!  I'm not talking cute kitten, chase her tail mental.  It was more like up everything/into everything/break everything mental.  She was the teeniest, tiniest thing but she was a whirling dervish and the only time she slept was when she crawled inside my shirt (while I was wearing it) or under my sheets with me at night. It was like having a squirrel in the house. The only person I know who can truly understand how crazy a kitten can be is Deb from Just Cats.  Her Audrey could be Maeve's twin and if Deb, a professional cat sitter, found it hard to deal with you can imagine the trouble I had!

A couple of years later, all it takes is the first sunny day in eons and Maeve lazed around all afternoon. That's pretty much all I felt like doing today, too.

Just to say I accomplished something, I pulled out a wrought iron hanger I'd been meaning to paint for the kitchen.  It's such a small room that I have to utilize every square inch and I needed somewhere to hang tea towels and oven mitts.

The original paint was a greenish white that clashed with the mellow white on my walls. ~

I gave it a coat of latex black paint. ~

As soon as that dried, I dry brushed some of the grey kitchen cabinet paint over it. That dried quickly and I gave it a coat of spray, clear lacquer to protect the paint from wet towels. ~

It tucks nicely under the antique medicine cabinet I use for a spice cabinet.  This replaces the key holder that a certain black cat still thinks is to give her something to knock down and shoot around the house.  I didn't find crawling under furniture to hunt for car keys all that convenient. ~

Wow, will you look at the dust motes dancing in the sunshine from the dining room window!  Maybe I should have worked on that instead today.  Nah

Hang some towels and call it done! ~


  1. Maeve is so sweet. I feel like laying around all day rain or shine right now :) Great job on your tea-towel hanger!! Thanks so much for your encouragement on my post! Trying to stay positive!

  2. What a lovely post to go with your vintage hanger redo. Appreciated.

  3. Maeve is lovely even if she is a little mental...I like that.

    I love the makeover on the hanger Its so pretty, glad you got some Sunshine

  4. Looks great Maureen!
    And who wants to spend time dusting - what a waste of creativity!!!

  5. I saw a quote on Pinterest today that said..."being creative is not a is a way of life! Love that one, thought I would share!
    Your kitty is a real sweetie!

  6. Thanks for the mention, Maureen. Audrey is sitting behind me on the office desk (I really must capture that) screaming at me to open the treat jar. It's early and she got me up....again.
    I love the vintage hanger. Wow...that is unique and gorgeous. Love it. Deb

  7. My cat looks exactly like Maeve! However, she's more like a ragdoll cat, so lazy and mellow!

    I love your vintage hanger, great redo!


  8. That is so cute! Great transformation in the towel rack and the kitty must have some special nice powers!

  9. Great transformation Maureen.
    I love Maeve....that arm stretching out from her place of comfort...oh the life of a cat!

  10. Great redo on the towel rack and really like your chalk paint post on the black piece, sounds easy! Last year I was going to do chalk paint, hopefully this year! Love Cat and yours is so cute! Take care Maureen

  11. That is really cute and makes a great kitchen towel rack. Dust mites? Nah...that is fairy dust-you should know that~
    We had a kitten like that, too. He was not feral but he was crazy! Absolutely nuts! He is now in that great playland in the sky where all naughty deeds go xo Diana

  12. I am blind to dust..or I tell myself that anyways. Love the towel holder and I love all cats. I will be getting a kitten one day soon.

  13. Fantastic! I don't have any place to hang towels either. One of these days I'll figure it out. :)

  14. chick -- those are motes. otherwise, your fans will get all skeevy when they read your blog :) excellent paint job. (and you have the patience of Job for sweet Maeve.)

  15. Boy do I understand a crazy and not in a good way cat. My cat Emily was 'feral' and the wildest thing I have ever had. I loved her but wow she was hard to live with for a long time. Unfortunately we lost her several years ago but believe me I look for tamer cats now! I too relate to all of Deb's stories abut Audrey!

    hugs, Linda

  16. What a nice paint job, easy to do and looks lovely, I love the look.

  17. Hi Maureen ... so glad you had a lazy day and enjoyed your cat. Love the little towel holder and the makeover really brought out the design. Good job.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  18. Your kitty sure sounds like she used to be a handful, worse than a puppy! I had a cat once that was not feral, but sure acted like he was. He loved to chew electrical cords. yes.

    I like how the towel rack turned out, it's a pretty style anyway!

  19. I like your iron hook rack! Perfect as a catchall for a lot of kitcheny things. Thank you, Maureen, for your very sweet comments.
    Mary Alice

  20. You sure made that towel holder look pretty Maureen! I wouldn't have thought to give it a coat of clear varnish...duh! I'm due for a lazy day myself. Wish Sam wasn't allergic to cats because I love them!

  21. A darling towel holder!

    I do hope you have entered the springtime giveaway I am currently hosting.

    May you and yours enjoy a lovely St. Patrick's Day!

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