Monday, 25 March 2013

Did We Save The Earth?

Whew!  Saturday, at 8:30 pm, millions of people turned off their lights for Earth Hour and saved the planet.

What, it's going to take a little more than that?  Darn! ~

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We're all pretty much aware that we don't really have a choice in striving for a green lifestyle, any more.  It's now or never, if we want to turn this thing around. ~

Here's a couple of easy ways to make a difference on a daily basis.  I tried the first one a few years ago after  David Suzuki, a leading Canadian scientist and environmentalist, suggested it.

Take note of how much shampoo you have in your hand when you wash your hair. ~

The next time, cut it in half and see if it still gets the job done.  The time after that, cut it in half again.  I found that I really only needed 1/4 of the amount of shampoo I had been using and it took much less time to rinse it out, as well! ~

Talk about a win win situation.  You save money on shampoo, time in rinsing and just reduced your impact on the environment!

Now, we all know it's ridiculous to be buying bottled water when we have access to clean municipal water.  Study after study shows that bottled water is just packaged municipal water 40% of the time. There are no regulations on disclosing the source or testing for contaminants.  Independent tests show it frequently has biological and/or chemical contamination.  Municipal water is tested daily and those of us on country wells can have our water tested (free in Ontario) as often as we like by the health department.  If the bottled water companies draw from an underground source, they are taking too much out of one place and seriously alter the water table in that area. 

Did you know that the petroleum used to make this bottle would fill it 1/4 full? ~

I'm just not buying it!  I don't buy the crazy pure spring, low sodium, 0 calorie, health drink in a convenient carrier story and I won't buy their land fill nightmare, potential carcinogen product!

Instead of buying a case of water, pick up some of these. ~

More win win.  You don't have to pay for water, haul it in your house, store it somewhere, fill up the recycle box with plastic and may even be saving your life!

I know I'm not living off the grid or doing anything monumental with the lifestyle changes I make.  I do, however, believe that a whole lot of people, making a whole lot of little changes adds up to good things for the earth.

I'm completely open to suggestions, so if you've found something that was easy to change, let us all know in a comment!