Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A Bit Of The Emerald Isle

With yet another winter storm blowing in, and the skies a depressing grey, this house needs a bit of colour and sparkle!

I also need to do some St. Patrick's Day decorating or my dead, Irish ancestors will come and haunt me. Oh yes they will!  Why people think the Irish are a merry lot beats me.  My mom's family were melancholy and superstitious.  And that was on their happy days!

Let's dress up the dining room table. ~

Start with a fine, Irish linen tablecloth.  Emerald green is the hot colour this year and I just happen to have a length of sequined, emerald green fabric.  I bought this as a remnant at a place that sold fabric for skating costumes.  Actually, I was buying drapery fabric for a client and the store threw this piece in for free.  Bonus!

It makes a great table runner and all those sequins grab every bit of light this February day will give it! ~

The sweet set of napkins came in a box of linens I bought at auction.  They are hand embroidered with tiny shamrocks.

The centrepiece is in a bowl from an Irish art pottery that has a scene of a farmer ploughing his field with his draft horses.  A dollar store spray of shamrocks sits inside with a bit of moss to fill in the spaces.  I can't use the live shamrock that I've had for thirty years because the contrary thing decides to go dormant EVERY SINGLE MARCH!

The little book is titled Irish Wit And Wisdom.  I guess they couldn't find enough to fill a regular size book.  Now I'm looking up and mouthing, "Sorry" to my dearly departed ancestors.  I can feel my mom's frown all the way down here!

Now I need your suggestions for decorating the last dining room ornament.  Weeks later, Utah refuses to give up this bubble pack filled box that Miss Kopy Kat send her kind gift in.  If Maeve even looks inside the box he gives her the evil eye and she slinks away.  Luckily, she has decided she loves sleeping on sequined table runners!

It can storm away as much as it likes outside and I'll just think of this bit of Irish wisdom.

Life is like a cup of tea.
It's all in how you make it.