Saturday, 23 March 2013

Havoc In The Henhouse

Have you ever noticed how many everyday sayings are related to chickens?  We feather our nests, scratch out a living, throw hen parties, deal with bird brains are happy if something costs chicken feed and doesn't cut into our nest egg.

Right now, I'm living a few chicken sayings.  I don't know if it's my chickens being cooped up too long this winter, but we definitely have ruffled feathers!

It was wonderful in the summer.  My two chickens survived their battery farm conditions, responded well to decent care and lived in harmony in chicken Bramasole. ~

But, that cute little coop wasn't weatherproof and my sister and I planned on merging her three with my two for the winter.

I gave up my garden shed, walling a tiny area off in the back for a bit of storage. ~

The merger did not go well!  Newcomer Charlotte was a tough old bird and she set up a pecking order immediately.  Poor, blind Gertie (my favourite) was at the bottom of the heap.

Those chickens flew up on the shelves and pooped on my skill saw and garden tools.  The nested in my summer tires and filled them with straw and poop.  I don't know how I'll explain that at the garage when I take them in to switch out the winter tires.  They started eating the eggs.  Now, I know we've all had times when we wanted to eat our young but we usually just keep that to a thought!

I spent oodles of time with the little flock, hanging treats and getting the standoffish ones tamed.  They fattened up and all but Charlotte were friendly. ~

I trudged out there in the worst of weather with a warm mash supper for them every night.  I was AWESOME and it was the happiest coop in the world! ~

Then, old Charlotte died.  She just keeled off the perch one night and that was it.  I tried to feel bad but she was so mean to the others that I really was glad she was off to chicken heaven.  My sister didn't blame me for her chicken dying.

A couple of months later, Chatty Cathy started going downhill.  She's the one who wound up in my bathtub. This was extremely disturbing to Maeve!  I guess there's a cat code that says chickens aren't allowed indoors.  I sat up with that chicken until two in the morning.  As I was trying to get a little water into her, she closed her eyes and her little head flopped over.  I felt so bad and wished I'd had a little more knowledge about treating chickens.  When I told my sister, she thanked me for taking such good care of Cathy.  I've killed two of her chickens and she's thanking me.  AWKWARD!

Now, a whole new pecking order has started!  Shy Maude, who used to hide behind sweety pie Gert has turned into this. ~

She is determined to peck Gertie to death.  Gertie stays in a cat cage or hides behind me and looks like this all the time! ~

So, if you want to know why the chicken crossed the road, "NO REASON AT ALL!".  Chickens do crazy things for no apparent reason.