Thursday, 7 February 2013

Just When You Thought I Was Single

I've been keeping my man a secret.  He's just too gorgeous and I didn't want any of you to be jealous.  I admit to a bit of an obsession with him.  Okay, it's a lot of an obsession!

But, when some of the girls started this linky party. ~

I just knew I had to share him.  You've seen those Ryan Gosling pins, where he says all the things a girl wants to hear.  In this link up, we do the same with our own man.  Get ready to meet mine!

I love him when he looks like this! ~

He always is sooo concerned about my health and plies me with food day and night! ~

And this is how we spend all our evenings at home! ~

I know what you are saying.  He's just too good to be true!  Well he is true and he adores me and I'm never ever, ever letting him go!

To see some close seconds to my Mr. Darcy/Colin Firth head over to the hilarious link party HERE!