Sunday, 3 February 2013

There's A Whole Lot Of Loving Going On!

Frank Loesser must have been talking about you guys when he wrote those lyrics for Guys & Dolls.  You never cease to amaze me with your love and support, your creativity and knowledge and your honest desire to share ideas and techniques to make life a little (or a lot) nicer for us all!

I defy anyone to show me a closer or more tight knit community than the world of Bloggers.

On Friday afternoon I trudged back home, through deep snow, after babysitting a neighbours cat.  It was a horribly cold and grey day and the inspiration I'd been looking for was nowhere in sight.

But wait, what's that parcel sitting by my front door?  It's a pretty big box and I didn't order anything. Utah thinks the box is perfect, in and of itself! ~

It's come all the way from sunny Alabama and here's the dear lady who sent it. ~

You may know her as Miss Kopy Kat, the one with the great blog where she shows you how to get a high end look for a down low price.

Make your own faux coral?  She'll show you how! ~

Miss Kopy Kat

Dress your candles up with cute sweaters?  You don't need to knit for this one. ~

She's a busy lady who's an RN in a neo natal intensive care unit.  When she's not saving baby's lives, she dresses up a home with stunning beauty.  I've followed her for more than a year and she never disappoints in giving me the best copycats in blogland.

So, what was inside the box?  Remember that flow blue plate I broke on Christmas Eve?  Remember how awful I felt about breaking an antique and my very first piece of flow blue?  It was made in the town where my grandfather served his potters apprenticeship.  It dated somewhere between 1891 and 1900.  It was a  Non Pariel pattern in the scenic/romantic style and was Middleport china.  The village I live in is Middleport.

This was in the box! ~

It's the identical plate!  She hunted it down and shipped it all the way from Alabama to Canada! ~

I cried a teeny weeny bit to see my plate back.  I cried a whole lot more at the kindness and generosity of spirit that went to so much trouble to do this for me.  The original was just a plate I bought.  This one is a thoughtful gift from a friend and means so much more to me!

I wanted to save this story for Sunday evening so you could all have a feel good moment before you start into your busy week.

You'd be doing me a favour if you popped over to Miss Kopy Kat and made yourself one of the nicest friends you could ever hope to meet!

Thanks, Gayle.  Love ya!

I have to share this with My Happy List