Wednesday 6 February 2013

They Know The Sound Of My Heart

It's not all about grandkids in my Valentine Lovefest.  The great loves of my life have always been my daughters.  Farm Girl and City Girl were a true delight to raise!  They weren't perfectly behaved ALL the time.  They occasionally fought with each other, broke the odd thing around the house and on more than one occasion mentioned hating me.  That usually revolved around me making them sit together on the couch when they were fighting.  I'd hear them whispering to each other about how mean I was and how much they hated me.  That effectively ended their dispute with each other and deflected it my way.  I was a big girl and I could take it!

Most of the time, they were sweet and loving, did well in school and never got into any serious trouble.  Not that I know of anyway!

A cloche is a cute way to show off my girls.  I took a picture of them as little girls, scanned it and sent it to Pic monkey.  How cute are they with their little purses!  They're on their way to their first wedding shower this day.  A few roses, hearts, a cupid and the frame were added. ~

This picture had been framed, under glass and some of the surface pulled away when I removed it.  This is a huge problem with photos from the 70's and eighties.  They stick to the plastic pages of those magnetic photo albums and  I now realise they stick to glass.  I'll have to clone the missing pieces to restore the photo.  I've also noticed that the same era photo fades quite badly.  All of mine were printed at reputable photo shops so I'm giving you a heads up on saving yours now.  I see some serious scanning in my near future!  Thankfully, I can clone the missing parts in Pic monkey.

On to the cloche.  On a base of red tulle, I put a sprinkling of diamonds to show how highly I value my girls. Baby identification bracelets and necklaces from the maternity ward go into the cloche. ~

This was such a simple way to have a little love reminder on a cabinet in the dining room! ~

Cottage Sign Shoppe, on Etsy, does a beautiful nursery sign that says it all for me. ~

You get to give your kids extra hugs and kisses this month!


  1. That is beautiful! Love the idea and it is an adorable picture of them. Digital photos are such a better way to keep pictures - providing you back them up :)

  2. If I ever loved one single thing it was a cloche...I remember seeing them in pictures in old England gardens and I love them so much. AND...they are just perfect for all kinds of special things like these two most preciousnesses :-)

  3. This is lovely and such a sweet idea!

  4. That is just beautiful!!

    No kids here. Is it okay if I just kiss my pets? :)

  5. Oh, how sweet are you girls and the cloche is wonderful. Yes my 80's pictures in the magnetic photo albums are fading...It's on my to do list


  6. Hi Maureen,

    Your darling daughters valentine cloche is simply delightful! I love the lace trimmed base, so delicate and feminine, but I absolutely adore the fact that you filled it with the ID bracelet and diamond, with its special meaning! And then you go and find the most precious poetry to top it off and that's when you lost me...MY heart won't settle down from all the commotion of emotion! Thanks for sharing!


  7. Oh Maureen ... what a special display of your precious girls. I would guess that Country Girl is the oldest and the cute blond is City Girl. Hope I am right. I am thinking about digging out some old family photos to display in the guest room as I am sprucing it up for company (kin) this summer. Don't know how I will display, but a cloche would be a good choice. Thanks for the nice idea.
    Audrey Z.

  8. Sometimes I've had a kid or two around here I certainly wanted to put under glass!


  9. I've seen a lot of cloche display ideas on pinterest and such, but I LOVE the idea of putting a photo in it. Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my blog.

    - Lora