Saturday, 9 February 2013

A Little Help From The Neighbours

Let's add my neighbours to my Valentine loves!

A big snow storm hit Ontario overnight.  I wouldn't agree with the forecasters in calling it the storm of the century, but I was greeted with this view this morning. ~

By noon it had reached 11 inches and 15 inches by the end of the day. ~

Slug through knee deep snow to reach the chicken coop.  Dig the gate out to open it.  Dig the doors out to open them.  The ladies are having nothing to do with coming outside in this! ~

It's time to do some serious shovelling!  I'd better clear off the car. ~

Seriously, Maureen, why bother?  Are you going anywhere on those roads?  ~

For you warm weather folks, this road has just been plowed an hour before.  It's noon and you can't even see the sun!

I'm working on the porch and stairs and one neighbour is coming with his snow blower to clear the sidewalk for me. ~

Another neighbour heads into my driveway with his snow blower! ~

And, he plows all the way to the chicken coop! ~

It's going to be a whole lot easier to reach the chickens tomorrow morning and I'm loving those two guys and their awesome machines!

My Valentine list just gets longer and longer!

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