Thursday 11 October 2012

There's A Nip In The Air

There's a nip in the air for the last few days and a hard frost is coming tonight.  The wind has whipped around the house today and swirled masses of fallen leaves across the windows.  My youngest cat has spent hours running from window to window, batting at the elusive things!

I'm shutting down the yard and hunkering down in the house with comfort foods.  Today, I made some 'to die for' potato soup.  I'm not very good at following recipes but the inspiration came from Posed Perfection and you can find it here.

Could I get any more bacon, chives and cheese on this soup? ~

Yesterday, I made beef and root veggie stew.  A little round steak, carrots, onions, squash, potatoes and celery root, simmering in the pan for a couple of hours is the most heavenly smell wafting through the house!  I add a little fresh garden kale, while the gravy thickens in the last half hour.

Look at all this swirly gravy goodness! ~

My next post better be about the yummy diet meals I'm making!

The garden is yielding a couple of surprises this October.  A $5 sell off rose bush I planted a couple of weeks ago, has given me one perfect, pink bloom. ~

An older rose bush has gone berserk this year and shot up to the eave, in spite of all my pruning! ~

She refuses to follow her sister bushes and go to sleep and is giving 15 or 20 huge blooms a day!  I have them in vases all over the house. ~

It's a good night to snuggle up with a charming, little kitty. ~

If only Maeve were either charming or snuggly, that's exactly what I would do on this chilly autumn eve!

My heartfelt thanks to all of you, who so graciously passed on this button in support of Malala!

My readers are very special people and I'm humbled and grateful to have you in my life!


  1. Your roses look gorgeous. Maybe next spring you can give us a step by step tutorial -- what you are feeding them and what magic words you say over them!

    The soup and stew have me wanting to hunker down, even though the weather where I am is still in the 70's. Thanks for sharing what's new with you.

    You can't make an unsnuglly cat snuggly, can you?

  2. Mmmmm potato soup! Yes...loaded! I like stew, but Sam will not touch it with a 10 ft. pole! Your flowers are gorgeous, but I'm intrigued by that collection in that glass topped table. Did you post about those cool things?

  3. C'mon Maeve...get your cuddle on. Enjoy those tasty comfort foods.

  4. Maureen there's nothing more melancholy than an October rose..but you seem to be making the very best of it! We are about to have the same kind of stormy day...gather the wood! and the cheese!

  5. I love potato soup and what an easy recipe. I have one that I thicken with cauliflower which is easy as well, anything to make cooking quicker helps. Great post.

  6. LOL...Maeve sounds like the ol' cat I had...neither charming nor snuggly but she was still a fabulous kitty. We had her for 21 years until last Spring....broke my heart to lose her. Love your black kitty! and that soup....Soups are so quick and easy to make....usually low in calories and full of so much goodness. I copied the potato soup recipe and will make soon. Here's a great side bread to eat with a stew or soup. Slice some good artisinal bread. Make a paste of mayonnaise and grated parmesan cheese. Slather on the bread slices and bake until perfect looking....yummo! Had it last night with a simple salad.

  7. Oh those roses are gorgeous! Especially this time of year when things are slowly fading. That stew looks delish! Happy Fall! Cathy

  8. There is not much autumn leaf colour here yet, just lots of rain and the odd sunny day, but I look forward to lovely stews and lighting our log burner when it gets really cold.
    I did have some soup today - Mulligatawny - it's curried vegetables with rice and was absolutely delicious (the head chef made it in the cafe where I work).

  9. Your stew looks to die for Maureen - it's that time of year again - shepherd's pie - stews - roast beef and yorkshire - 20 extra pounds lol

  10. Comfort food is what it's all about. I LOVE my comfort foods...foods that take me right back to my mama's kitchen and her love for me. bwaaaaa...I sure do miss my I am, a great-grandmother and I still want my mama a lot.

    I love stews, chili and soups....even in hot summertime. :))

  11. Yumzo. I love potato soup and this one's kinda making me drool all over the keyboard. Maureen, I want the recipe :)
    Oh and whats up with rose bushes growing Heidi Klum tall. Even my rose bushes are behaving weird.

  12. I love potato soup with lots of cheddar cheese in it! I made beef stew last night and it was good, too! Your roses sure are beautiful! Happy weekend!

  13. My hubs made the first pot roast of the season! Nothing like a chill in the air to welcome in really amazing comfort food - and stew is a favorite!

    Pot roast with your amazing roses as the centerpiece - what could be better?

  14. The stew looks great, but the soup needs more bacon. HAHAHA! Kidding! It looks awesome and now I want to make tater soup!

    Love the gorgeous roses and the adorable kitty.