Wednesday, 10 October 2012

I'm Standing Up For Malala Yousafzai!

I planned on writing a lovely Thanksgiving post, full of pictures of rose bouquets and scarlet leaves.  I couldn't write it because I was so enraged over the attempted murder of a fourteen year old girl in Pakistan.

I don't discuss my political leanings or religious beliefs on this blog.  I'm not qualified to discuss either area.  This is a lifestyle blog and it's entertainment value lies in sharing my thoughts on home, family, pets and all the little areas of life that make me happy.

Malala Yousafzai, on the other hand, began a blog at the age of eleven to document her life after the Taliban took control of her region in Pakistan.  Her blog was published, under an assumed name, by BBC urdu.  What did she write about?  She wrote about schooling for girls being outlawed and how she wanted to study to be a doctor.  She wrote about holidays and shopping for bracelets.  She wrote about hiding text books under her shawl and her fear of being killed if she was caught.  She wrote about her girlfriends and about gunfire and atrocities.  Aren't those the things every little girl writes in her diary?

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A few years later, the Taliban was ousted from her region and Malala was acknowledged as the author of the posts.  She received the International Children's Peace Prize.  She was honoured for bravery that surpassed that of most of the adults and authority figures around her.  She was honoured for speaking the truth and fighting for women's equality.

On Tuesday, as fourteen year old Malala left her school to board the bus, she was shot in the head and neck by Taliban militants. They have stated that they were assassinating her for her support of Western culture.

I was appalled that two cowardly men would shoot down an unarmed girl, just for wanting to go to school.  You can read the news story here.  I felt powerless to change this evil in the world.  Then, I began thinking about the extremists being so afraid of her blog voice that they felt they had to silence her.

If being denounced on a child's blog frightened them so much, what if I spoke out next?  They silenced one person but picked up another.  What if even one of you clicked on the I'm Standing Up For Malala Yousafzai picture on this blog and posted it to fb, tweeted it or added it to your next blog post.  They would have silenced one, but picked up two.  Can we get it on Pinterest?

We are not immune to what happens in a far off country.  It is no longer inconceivable that denying girls education in one country can spread to other countries.  Our daughters and granddaughters are not safe from gender persecution while it thrives anywhere on this planet.

Malala is a 21st century Anne Frank.  She is fighting for her life as you read this.  I won't let another brave, little girl down.

If just one of you will pick up the image and pass it on, Malala's voice will rise above the Taliban terror tactics and they may think twice before they turn any more of our girls into martyrs.  There is no link back to this post on the image and I'm not setting myself up as a spokesperson.  I'm just one woman who is standing up for women all over this beautiful world.

For a link to the BBC excerpts from her blog click here.


Please right click on Malala's pic and pass it on!