Thursday, 18 October 2012

Some Burning Birthday Questions!

As if turning 60 this year isn't bad enough, my daughter turned 40 yesterday!  Ekes!

While going through old photos to put some then and now shots on her Facebook birthday page, I developed some burning questions!  Maybe, you can help me out with these.

Is it EVER all right to let your toddler dress themselves? ~

What's it like to be forced to dress like Laura Ingalls for a prolonged period of time? ~

Is she old enough at 40 to be told that, the Prince Charming who proposed to her this day in Disneyworld, was paid $5 by her granddad to do it? ~

Should Mommy's dress ever be shorter than the preschooler's? ~

The biggest question of all is what kind of voodoo pact has Farm Girl made, to look so unchanged from 16 to 40?  Tell me there isn't some Dorian Grey thing going on here! ~

16 & 40

Does any of it matter if she grew up to give generously of time and money to charities, works to save abused animals and is loved and respected by all her friends and family?

Best of all, she's a great mom to these guys! ~

Uh huh, you're counting right.  There's six of them!

To my knowledge, she has never worn a shorter dress than her daughters or made them dress in period costume.  I'm sure she is doing something else that will make her cringe when she sees the pictures forty years later!

Thanks for forty wonderful years Farm Girl!