Sunday, 14 October 2012

Indoor Gardening

As much as I love the colours of autumn, I'm sad to see the gardening season end.

The ornamental grass has gone to seed and the subtle shades of green, white and brown are beautiful against the backdrop of fallen leaves and white, board and batten church. ~

But, the grey days of November are looming and I know I'll want a little something to nurture along in the house.

At the grocery today, I spied this sad little sell off. ~

"And, you would be doing what with a wilted Boston lettuce?", you say.

Ah, but it has these.  Teeny, tiny roots! ~

I potted one of these up last year, the roots took and I was picking peppery tasting Boston lettuce leaves for months!  I've given this baby a second chance and it will bring a nice bit of green to my kitchen windowsill. ~

You can't find a cheaper way to add some greenery to the house AND spice up your salads with home grown produce.  If your are lucky enough to live where your growing season is just starting or, better yet, is all year round, these do very well in outdoor planters.

It won't even hurt Maeve when she climbs up to the window and nibbles on the leaves.  The shamrock will be thanking me for the respite from kitty teeth!

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